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Executive Board


"Individual commitment to a group effort -- that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

- Vince Lombardi


College of the Sciences
Major: Clinical Physiology
Minor: Psychology

Ava Pruitt is a senior at Central Washington University, currently working on a major in clinical physiology and a minor in psychology. Ava has been involved in SWAP for most of her time at Central. Starting out on the executive board as the club’s treasurer from 2021-2022 and then president from 2022-2023. Currently Ava is a co-president of SWAP. After graduation Ava will take a year off from school and eventually go to occupational therapy school where she hopes to gain her occupational therapy license. In the meantime, after graduation, Ava is excited to spend time with family and gain more experience in the healthcare field. Her personal interests include learning about and bringing awareness to international social justice issues and spending time with friends.


College of Business
Major: General Business
Specialization: Human Resources

Audrey is a Senior at CWU studying General Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resources. Audrey previously served as SWAP Vice President. In addition to being President, she is involved in the CWU dance program. After graduating from Central, she hopes to continue her studies by obtaining a Masters degree in Non-Profit Administration. She looks to gain experience and get involved with service based non-profits. 



Vice President/Marketing Director
College of Education & Professional Studies
Graduate Studies/ITAM-MS, Administrative Management

Dylan is the Vice President/Marketing Director of SWAP; he previously served as Secretary and Senator. He graduated in 2021 with a BS ITAM-Retail Merchandising with a double minor in Apparels, Textiles, & Merchandising and Communication. In addition, he is a graduate student at Central Washington University in the ITAM program. Dylan was previously a senator and loves that being a part of the club has allowed him to network and shine a needed spotlight on other organizations that also love to give back to the community. In addition to being Vice President, Dylan is also in Student Fashion Association (SFA) and was blessed to be a part of two field excursions with them. One was to New York City, and the other was to Los Angeles. Both experiences immersed him behind the closed doors of the world of fashion where he was afforded with valuable learning moments that he will never forget. Dylan is very creative and hopes to use his creativity, ambition, imagination, and passion to launch his own business one day. From that business, he will eventually develop his unique brand and lifestyle. One day, Dylan envisions himself in a Rivian electric truck while it drives itself through the country of Italy, occasionally stopping at the best pizzerias while Daft Punk plays endlessly in the background.


College of Education & Professional Studies
Major: Elementary Education Major
Minor: Special Education

Bio coming soon...



College of Education & Professional Studies
Major: History Social Studies Teaching (HSST)
Minor: Non-profit Management & Political Science

David Torem is a senior at CWU studying History Social Studies Teaching with minors in Non-Profit Management and Political Science. He is serving as SWAP Treasurer for 2023-2024. David plans to work for non-profits after graduating with a long term goal of working for the United Nations. In his free time, he is an avid D&D player and enjoys spending time with his cat, Lola. 


CWU SWAP Advisor
CWU NESSP Program Manager

Deanna currently serves as the CWU NESSP Program Manager. She originally joined Central Washington University as the Advising and Recruiting Specialist for the Physics department in September 2015. As the principal point of contact for college, career and academic advising for pre-college through undergraduate level students, she was instrumental in helping students pursue degrees and careers in physics, engineering and astronomy. Her outreach and recruiting duties allowed her to meet with students in all levels of the K-16 pipeline throughout the state of Washington to discuss their interests, career aspirations and educational goals. Deanna also chairs the Physics scholarship committee. Prior to joining CWU, she spent seven years as the Math/Science Program Coordinator for Upward Bound at the University of Hawaii at Hilo where she assisted low income, first generation, underrepresented high school students prepare for and enter postsecondary education. Deanna also volunteers for FIRST FRC events throughout the Pacific Northwest. She completed her graduate program in Information Systems at Johns Hopkins University and undergraduate degree at Rutgers University.



NASWAP Founder/Advisor
CWU Alumna

Meghan has a Masters in Information Technology and Administrative Management with a specialization in the Structures of Data Analytics and Experimental Psychology. She also received her bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences with a specialization in cultural studies, sociology, and research statistics and methodology from CWU. Meghan has been involved in the nonprofit sector from a young age, starting out in Mental Health and Disability Rights Advocacy, she has moved from being a volunteer and facilitator for NAMI, a council member for Disability Rights Washington, and now continues as a nonprofit and organizational development consultant in the areas of grants writing, governance, marketing, and story telling.


NASWAP Founder/Advisor
CWU Alumna

Jamie is an alumna of CWU and holds  two B.A.s in Psychology and IDS of Social Sciences (Law & Justice, English, & Public Relations/Communications) along with two Masters: M.Ed (Non-Profit Leadership) and ITAM-MS (Structures of Data Analytics), and she is completing her Doctorate in Education in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis on organizational development and communication. Jamie has taught Public Relations and Non-Profit Leadership for over 7 years and is the founder of SWAP. In graduate school, she was honored to travel to Dublin, Ireland for her research: Evaluation of Data Driven Physical Literacy Programs in Dublin, Ireland: Need and Sustainable Funding Assessment with the amazing Irish non-profit organization, Project Fun Direction. As a first-generation student, Jamie is passionate about creating positive change for underrepresented students. Her passion truly lies in mentoring college students in research that also represents their interests and fervor. CWU awarded her the Center for Excellence in Leadership award, the Women’s Achievement Award for Student Empowerment, the Career Influencer award, and then in May of 2020, Jamie was awarded CWU Mentor of the Year for her work mentoring research students. This was her fourth nomination as Mentor of the Year.  Jamie truly is the happiest when she is mentoring students who are working toward their goals as she loves being able to witness, first hand, those “aha” moments that truly are the first steps in further developing their critical thinking and emotional intelligence skills, pushing them further into graduate programs and sustainable careers.

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