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We strive to be a platform where students can transform their visions into thoughtful initiatives that leave a lasting impact on their community. 

We believe in empowering student leaders to take charge of their passions and make a meaningful impact. Our leadership program encourages students to delve into initiatives that resonate with their interests and address crucial social issues. 

By fostering a space for exploration, collaboration, and innovation, we aim to cultivate future leaders who are not only well versed in their disciplines, but also socially conscious and proactive in creating positive change. Through these initiatives students gain invaluable hands-on experience, develop essential leadership skills, and contribute to a vibrant and dynamic campus community. 



Creating a Socially Sustainable Workplace

Initiative Lead: Audrey Tribble, CWU

This initiative focuses on promoting awareness and accountability regarding social sustainability in the workplace. Social sustainability entails maintaining societal cohesion and working together toward common goals. Within organizations, this involves prioritizing employee well-being, meeting basic needs, and making positive contributions to society.

Through a series of meetings, we aim to explore various aspects of social sustainability, including its definition, implementation in the workplace, and our role as future professionals in ensuring its integration. We will discuss strategies to advocate for social sustainability, identify socially sustainable practices, and emphasize the importance of this concept in fostering a thriving society.

Student Resources Education Initiative

Initiative Lead: David Torem, CWU

This initiative aims to elevate students' awareness of the diverse array of campus resources, with a particular focus on academic and mental health support. By identifying and addressing potential blind spots in the current system, the initiative seeks to design club programming that effortlessly delivers this crucial information to the student body. The ultimate goal is to narrow the information gap, enabling all students, particularly freshmen and those encountering obstacles, to fully utilize the resources offered by the university. Through this initiative, we strive to empower students by facilitating seamless access to essential support systems.

Human Trafficking Awareness Initiative

Initiative Lead: Ava Pruitt, CWU

This initiative seeks to shed light on the pervasive issue of human trafficking, particularly in vulnerable populations like the individuals experiencing houselessness, minors, and women. By bringing in experts from nonprofits in Washington, the initiative aims to generate awareness and understanding about the alarming prevalence of human trafficking, even in seemingly safe communities. Through research, education, and advocacy, the initiative aligns with the broader mission of empowering students to address and raise awareness about pressing social problems, fostering positive change through informed action.

Driving Sustainability: Exploring Eco-Friendly Technologies

Initiative Lead: Dylan Gilbert, CWU

This initiative centers around fostering awareness and understanding of sustainable technology. Through a diverse range of events, it seeks to engage the campus community in conversations about environmental consciousness, technological innovation, and driving a greener future. The initiative's core purpose is to inspire a sense of responsibility toward sustainable practices, emphasizing the broader theme of sustainability in technology. 


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Mental Health


Arts &

Political Engagement

MH Leaders:

CD Leaders:
Adalyn Watkins, Alexa Driskell, and Jalacia Outlaw


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