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Empower Diversity in Research and education -- Help Our Students Get To The National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR)!

$3,110 out of $5,900 goal

($25 away from fully funding another student)

Help us send 12 exceptional students to the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in Long Beach, CA! This opportunity will empower these students from Central Washington University and Valdosta State University to showcase their research and engage with peers and experts from across the nation.

For many of these students, this will be their inaugural experience attending and presenting at a prestigious conference like NCUR. Your support will not only enable them to participate in this transformative event but also open doors to a myriad of opportunities and benefits.

Attending NCUR is a pivotal moment in these students' academic journeys, offering them a platform to network with industry leaders, enhance their professional profiles, and develop crucial career skills. By contributing to this cause, you're not just funding a trip; you're investing in the future of research, innovation, and the next generation of academic leaders.

Your donation will cover travel expenses, accommodations, meals, and conference fees for all 12 students and their mentors, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder their ability to seize this life-changing opportunity. Every donation, no matter the size, directly impacts these students' ability to access invaluable experiences and resources.

Join us in championing undergraduate research, fostering diversity and inclusion in academia, and empowering these aspiring scholars to reach new heights. Your generosity will make a tangible difference in the lives and futures of these students. Thank you for your support in making their dreams of attending NCUR a reality!

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Who are you supporting?

Meet Our Dedicated Students

Our group of 12 exceptional students from Central Washington University (CWU) and Valdosta State University (VSU) is gearing up to attend the prestigious National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in Long Beach, CA. Here's a glimpse into the incredible individuals you'll be supporting on this transformative journey:

Leaders in Action

  • Our students are leaders within their respective colleges and communities, actively engaged in student organizations and taking on key roles such as Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and Event Coordinators.

Diverse Academic Pursuits

  • From majors in Clinical Physiology and General Business Administration to Geophysics and Organizational Communication, our students represent a wide array of academic disciplines, showcasing the diversity of talent and interests within our universities.

Passion for Social Impact

  • Many of our students are deeply committed to addressing social issues and driving positive change in their communities. They are involved in non-profit initiatives, community service projects, and advocacy efforts, demonstrating their dedication to making a difference.

Professional Development Goals

  • Each student has unique aspirations for their future careers, ranging from pursuing graduate studies to working in non-profits, government agencies, and international organizations. Your support will help them gain valuable experience and skills essential for their professional growth.

Empowering the Next Generation

  • By supporting our students' participation in NCUR, you're not just funding a conference trip; you're investing in the future of research, innovation, and leadership. Your contribution will empower these aspiring scholars to reach new heights and make lasting contributions to their fields and communities.

Join us in championing these bright minds and ensuring they have the opportunity to showcase their research, connect with industry leaders, and expand their horizons at NCUR. Your support is invaluable in helping these students realize their dreams and make a meaningful impact on the world. Thank you for being a part of their journey!

What is NCUR?

The National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) 2024 is set to take place in Long Beach, California, from April 8th to 10th. Hosted by the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) in partnership with California State University - Long Beach (CSULB), this annual conference is a premier event dedicated to showcasing undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activity across all fields of study.

NCUR provides a unique platform for students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to present their research through posters, oral presentations, visual arts, and performances. The conference attracts thousands of student scholars from institutions worldwide, along with their faculty mentors who participate in networking sessions and presentations.

When & Where
When & where is the conference?
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Why is this important to the student experience?

Attending and presenting at a conference like NCUR is a transformative experience for undergraduate students for several reasons:

Recognition and Celebration: NCUR provides a platform for students to showcase their research, creative works, and scholarly endeavors, gaining recognition and celebrating their academic achievements.

Networking and Collaboration: The conference fosters networking opportunities with peers, faculty mentors, and professionals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, paving the way for collaboration and intellectual exchange.

Professional Development: Presenting at NCUR enhances students' presentation and communication skills, prepares them for future academic and professional endeavors, and adds value to their resumes and portfolios.

Learning and Growth: Students gain valuable insights into current trends, innovations, and opportunities in their fields, expanding their knowledge base and nurturing their passion for research and scholarship.

Global Perspective: With attendees from across the globe, NCUR offers a global perspective on research and creativity, enriching students' understanding of diverse perspectives and approaches to addressing complex challenges.

Impact and Contribution: NCUR empowers students to contribute to the advancement of knowledge, make meaningful contributions to their fields, and drive positive change in their communities and beyond.

Overall, attending and presenting at NCUR is a pivotal experience that empowers undergraduate students, enhances their academic and professional development, and prepares them to become future leaders and innovators in their respective fields.

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