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Welcome to our positivity packs! Each pack is a delightful surprise filled with 5 random stickers, carefully curated to bring you or your loved ones a dose of positivity. While you may not know exactly which stickers you'll receive, we want to make it special by semi-personalizing the pack based on your preferences. In the order form, share characteristics or things you like, such as colors, themes, styles, or elements, and our dedicated team will create a pack tailored to your taste.


By purchasing a sticker pack, you not only contribute to student programs but also invite a burst of positivity into your life. Unwrap your pack to discover inspiring quotes, adorable animals, or captivating designs—each sticker is a tiny beacon of joy. Spread the uplifting spirit by adorning your belongings, stationery, or surprise someone special with a thoughtful gift. Let these stickers serve as a reminder that positivity is always within reach.


Order your personalized positivity pack today and let the power of stickers brighten your day or someone else's. Together, we can make the world a little brighter, one sticker at a time!

Positivity Pack

SKU: 12700778
  • All profit from sticker sales is dedicated to funding student conference & summit travel.

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