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Teamwork makes the dream work ...

Executive Board

"If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be."

- Maya Angelou

Adalyn Watkins
College of the Arts & Humanities
Organizational Communication

Adalyn is a senior Organizational Communication major with a profound interest in addressing social issues and devising tangible solutions. Over the years, Adalyn's become acutely aware of the shortcomings of government in serving marginalized communities. It was during her sophomore year that she discovered SWAP and the community of passionate individuals committed to shaping a more inclusive future for the next generation. Adalyns involvement with SWAP has deepened her understanding of how non-profits and social entrepreneurship can address societal injustices. Her interest also extends to governmental work, highlighted by Adalyn's internship with the American Federation of Teachers Union in Washington, D.C., where she applied her academic knowledge to advocate for students and teachers from lower-income areas within the U.S. House of Representatives. This experience crystallized her realization of the critical synergy between government and non-profit sectors in accelerating positive change. As president of the VSU SWAP chapter, Adalyn is dedicated to ensuring that every student has access to the necessary skills and resources for success in their chosen careers. Her ultimate goal is to inspire students to apply their learning to transform their own communities for the better.

Ramyia Hemphill
College of the Arts
Interpersonal Communication

Ramyia Hemphill is a senior at Valdosta State University, where she majors in physics and astronomy with a clear vision of becoming a geophysicist. Her pivot toward this field was influenced by a transformative experience in Miami with her high school rowing team, where the thrill of dolphins swimming alongside the boat captivated her interest in marine environments. Initially inclined towards oceanography, Ramyia refined her focus to geophysics upon entering college, a discipline that aligns with her academic pursuits and shares foundational elements with her initial marine interests. As the Vice President of VSU SWAP, Ramyia has expanded her academic boundaries, developing robust leadership qualities and fostering collaborative engagement. Her preference for yellow reflects her bright, inquisitive nature, emblematic of the zest and insight she brings to her academic and extracurricular activities. Her role in SWAP transcends leadership; it embodies the synthesis of rigorous scientific training with the mission to contribute meaningfully to society. This engagement has been pivotal in honing her technical skills and in empowering her and her peers to make significant contributions to their community while charting their respective professional paths.

Jalacia outlaw
Event Coordinator
College of the Arts & Humanities


Jalacia Outlaw is a senior at Valdosta State University, majoring in Communication with a focus on the interpersonal aspects of the field. As the Event Coordinator for the VSU chapter of SWAP, Jalacia is drawn to the organization for its opportunities to learn valuable, adaptable skills for future implementation. Jalacia's passion lies in creating and maintaining relationships, both now and in the future. With the support of SWAP, Jalacia is confident that achieving any goal is possible. After graduation, Jalacia plans to further their education and pursue a childhood dream of becoming an Elementary Teacher.

alexa driskell
Community Service Coordinator
College of the Arts

Alexa is a senior majoring in Communication with a focus on Public Relations. Her passion to support students and my community, coupled with a desire to forge long lasting memories and friendships, inspired Alexa to take on the role of Community Service Coordinator at SWAP. Alexa's goal is to assist individuals in accruing volunteer hours and to organize events that leave a lasting impact on the community. She has excelled in working on special projects, receiving awards, surmounting challenges, and participating in panels to discuss various topics, among other achievements. Beyond SWAP, she enjoys modeling, dancing, painting, and other creative pursuits. Alexa loves the chance to work alongside individuals who share similar aspirations. She is eager to lend her abilities and imagination to SWAP's initiatives, to serve the community, and to be a role model to those around her or who come across her on social media. SWAP has been instrumental in expanding Alexa's horizons with ideas, opportunities, as well as enhancing her resume and interview skills, not to mention fostering friendships. She is proud to be part of a team that is committed to making a tangible, positive difference in the lives of others.

Ailiyah williams
Social Media Manager
College of the Arts & Humanities

Ailiyah is poised to make her senior year as an Organizational Communication major at SWAP a transformative one. With a knack for organization, she's been the force keeping SWAP finely tuned and on track. Yet, the thrill of new challenges has recently lured her into the dynamic world of social media. She's not just pushing boundaries; she's redrawing them—creating engaging content, designing vibrant flyers, and pioneering innovative strategies to amplify our mission of community enhancement. Ailiyah's overarching ambition is to harness the power of social media to elevate companies or small businesses, one innovative post at a time. As her graduation nears, Ailiyah's gearing up to transfer the wealth of experience gained from her major and SWAP into the non-profit sphere. With a heart set on local politics, she aims to be a catalyst for change, amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities and ensuring they resonate at the national level.

trevor kinlaw
Board Member at Large
College of the Arts

Trevor Kinlaw, a senior at Valdosta State University majoring in Interpersonal Communications, has hobbies that include drawing and reading. Deeply motivated by the desire to contribute to positive community changes, this passion led Trevor to join SWAP. The organization offers a platform to engage with speakers instrumental in political and environmental sustainability advancements—two areas where Trevor's passion lies. As a senior, Trevor aims to foster political engagement and environmental consciousness among peers and the broader community through SWAP. After graduation, he plans to extend his commitment to global education by joining the Peace Corps, where he will teach various subjects to local children in other nations, aiming to enhance their educational and learning capabilities.

dr. Arrington stoll
VSU Faculty Advisor
College of the Arts

Dr. Stoll is a professor for Communication in the College of Arts, and a marketing communication strategist. She specializes in interpersonal, organizational, and intercultural communication and is also a highly motivated, creative individual with experience and passion for teaching. Dr. Stoll has immersed herself in marketing and interpersonal communication best practices and is an expert in the methodology, approach, and tactics, to use those resources to effectively communicate to the right audience at the right time on the right platform. She is not only committed to ongoing training and self-education to stay ahead of trends and incorporate new marketing and communication tools, but is equally committed in sharing her expertise with others.

Jamie holds  two B.A.s in Psychology and IDS of Social Sciences (Law & Justice, English, & Public Relations/Communications) along with two Masters: M.Ed (Non-Profit Leadership) and ITAM-MS (Structures of Data Analytics), and she is completing her Doctorate in Education in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis on organizational development and communication. Jamie has taught Public Relations and Non-Profit Leadership for over 7 years and is the founder of SWAP. In graduate school, she was honored to travel to Dublin, Ireland for her research: Evaluation of Data Driven Physical Literacy Programs in Dublin, Ireland: Need and Sustainable Funding Assessment with the amazing Irish non-profit organization, Project Fun Direction. As a first-generation student, Jamie is passionate about creating positive change for underrepresented students. Her passion truly lies in mentoring college students in research that also represents their interests and fervor. CWU awarded her the Center for Excellence in Leadership award, the Women’s Achievement Award for Student Empowerment, the Career Influencer award, and then in May of 2020, Jamie was awarded CWU Mentor of the Year for her work mentoring research students. This was her fourth nomination as Mentor of the Year.  Jamie truly is the happiest when she is mentoring students who are working toward their goals as she loves being able to witness, first hand, those “aha” moments that truly are the first steps in further developing their critical thinking and emotional intelligence skills, pushing them further into graduate programs and sustainable careers.

NASWAP Advisor & Co-Founder
VSU Communication Professor 
College of the Arts 
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